Day Center

Family Promise was so excited to hold a Ribbon Cutting for our Second Day Center on May 1, 2018!    We were extremely fortunate to have First United Methodist Church provide the house for our first Day Center for our first four years!  It served our staff, volunteers and families well, but we must admit, it was often a challenge with so many families "under one roof".  Our new space will offer many opportunities.


Family Promise of Greater Houston County was blessed to receive the HODAC building on Watson Blvd. to transform into a new Day Center. With adequate space and resources to support our guests, staff, and volunteers, we increase the possibilities of moving families from homeless to self-sufficiency. Our challenge was to transform formerly busy offices and community service space into renovated rooms to meet daily needs.  The community joined in with many volunteers to assist us in this endeavor.  Our monthly newsletters chronicle the work and transformations that took place.  It was an amazing project blessed by so many.    Although tasks remain, we moved in and our families are continually calling the new center “a miracle”.


Our Day Center, the families’ HOME from 6:30 am to 5:30 pm, seven days a week, offers them more than an address and place to spend offers comfort, supportive services, resources... a place to develop their plans to move into independence. 








Some of our guests shared:

“My experience staying in the Day Center is amazing! I watch television, do laundry, enjoying sitting on the porch or in the back yard, have a kitchen available to prepare food to eat, and I’m able to do work on the computer.”

“I feel at home when I am at the Day Center, just like it’s my own home. I believe the Center is a great facility and a cozy place to spend my day and collect my thoughts.”

A former guest shared: “My daughter and I entered the FPGHC program in August 2017. We were thankful and blessed to be part of the program. While there it was a pleasure to have the Day Center, somewhere we could go when we couldn’t be at the churches; somewhere that felt like home, where we could take a shower and do our laundry. The computer room was helpful with my daughter’s homework assignments. On Sunday afternoons I could watch football games. I am grateful we had the Day Center to go to when there was nowhere else to go. May God bless all the volunteers and board members for Family Promise.”

Day Center Grand Opening ~ May 2, 2018

Family Area

Play area for our families

Family Room

Family Room

Office Angels work area

Kitchen Area

Front of Day Center

Laundry Room

At the Center a professional social worker provides case management services. There, guests pursue employment, care for pre-school children, shower, and do laundry.  Children play and do homework.  The day center continues to receive donations. If you would like to make a monetary donation or donate an item, please contact us.  or 478-328-8181